After three years of planning, making up, telling untrue stories, which have almost been turned into legends
of such great trappers that we pretend to be, it was high time we fulfilled this expedition to avoid somebody
making jokes about wanderers.

We have been fishing in the old places for a few days but I am afraid that we did it ad nauseam as one evening sitting

next to a bonfire we made a decision... We packed, looked through the maps, forced ourselves to sleep in order to wake up
early and set off as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it ended in failure as we didn't get up early but our plan remained unchanged.
After all, there are July white nights so it is fine to have fun after 7pm programme for children.

The target: not a big lake situated at about 1000 m above sea level in Femundsmarka National Park.

So we are on our way. For about 300 m, we are surrounded by rare, stunted and bent birches.

A last look at the trees as later on there will just be stones, rocks, bogs, lakes and streams.

As usual, I'm lagging behind fascinated by the landscape and taking pictures of everything just like an Asian tourist :)
I warn you there are many views.

Above one of the peaks the young ravens are learning to fly.

This is our target. Just about one hour away left by a peat bog.

Staring at its own legs a raven ran up to me for 10m.
It looked surprised *no more than me* and then passed me by in a wide curve.

Luckily we found a dry place to make camp. Relaxing for a few minutes with a cup of coffee, assembling the fishing tackle.
It would be good to cast.

There are legions of ephemerid (may flies), sedges, and lots of mosquitoes.
In the distance we can see the aggressively rising trout from time to time.

A friend standing at the edge takes a nice trout whereas I finish with two smaller ones.

It's time to relax and calm down.

The arctic tern is hovering around the lake. This bird can hover very effectively in the air looking for fish.
When the arctic tern locates its victim it dives.
It has hung over me a few times.

The valley and the lake is against the background of a sunset.

It's time to go back and take a nap for a while. In the morning, I was woken up by the intense redness of the rising sun
whose rays were visible under the fog hanging over the valley. Being sleepy I took one picture. It's a shame that this picture
doesn't reflect the redness on the mountains, fog, grass and water

The mosquitoes, a cool wind and the strong sun don't let us sleep…

…but as you can see not everyone is disturbed by it :)

Moreover we get up full of energy and enthusiasm.

It's time to go back. A last look back...

One trip by the lake in the season and staring at a dry fly like at a fishing cork is simply enough :) and there is nothing to make a bonfire with.
What is fishing without a fire!!! ;)