Encouraged by a sunny day I left to look for a spring and sea trout.
I found neither spring nor sea trout :) At least the sun is shining
because last week we were fishing in fog, frost and sometimes even in snow.
As you can see thick ice still covers some places but it's melting!

One of my "fish friends" was caught using the jiggy deadly fly.

When letting it go 4 live crabs and bristle worm (polychaete) poured out of its mouth.
What's interesting the crab in the picture has lots of spawn eaten by brittle star and all of them were sucked by a cod.

A few geese flew by, a drowsy crab was warming in the sun and three pink leeches went out to the warmer and upper part of the water.
Probably, the last signs of winter!!!

And one more "mate" I misled on the shallows.

A few days later...

Hopefully, trout will finally become active!