There is a distance of 500km between us but tradition has it that we have to go fishing for the end of season :)
Taking into consideration the weather forecast there weren't many good deadlines to choose from.
Finally, the first weekend of September was chosen when the water is shallow and clear.
What's more, it doesn't rain, the wind is moderate and it's not as cold.

We are fishing for big ones. We are even taking out double ones.
Unfortunately, a cool evening came and as a result we were forced to go back to light a fire and eat something...

Early in the morning I was woken by an unpleasant coolness which didn't let me sleep.

Till midday we look for fish, go through gutters and runs (glides), catching fish from time to time.
The situation changed dramatically when the sun came out and the water in one part of the stream
reflected the sun's rays that I had to look up and check for any rain clouds.
The main course: caddis fly...

...being a bit tired and hungry we went for a small dinner.
Our main course was Patagonia spaghetti :-)))

We are full, it's time for the second half.
This time graylings were eating micro olives. We couldn't select any good fly *at least me*.

The fish ignored everything that was at the end of the fly line and the water around was bubbling... It was nicely frustrating :D

Despite everything sometimes an unfortunate made a mistake :)

Three fish I accidentally hooked by the neck :| If some of you have ever hooked a fish in an unusual way you will know how it’s feel...
If you loose that fish I can already imagine all the stories that will be created about this accident :)