The next boring and rainy Sunday spent in front of the computer. When will it stop raining?
The water level is so high that fishing between spruces is frustrating me a bit.
I am calling Marek on Skype and we are talking for a few hours about "reels" and next winter.
We reached a conclusion that probably we wouldn’t be able to fish together this year.

A new plan for a trip is conceived very quickly. For sure, the safest place will be Glomma
which is situated about 350km to the north of Oslo *downpours are pleasant there*.
I also invite Artur who found me thanks to He can change his weekend plans very quickly
(I doubted he would manage it). But hearing the words "the last trip" every enthusiast jumps to their feet.

We set off on Friday at midday, it's incredible - no rain on the way and it even promised to be a sunny day on Saturday.

We arrive, rent a chalet for four people by the water. We are drinking beer and admiring the beautiful sunset view.
Finally, we don’t fish today

After dusk Marek & Tomek come and we revel till the early hours. I will skip the picture :)
It's a shame that I wasn't able to take a picture of aurora. Reportedly I was late for its "show" but I know what I saw.

This is already a beautiful and cool autumn morning. We eat breakfast, prepar the equipment and go to the river.

We've decided to fish on the other side.

Artur & Tomek go ahead to fish. I followed Marek to fish in a place behind a small island.
I wasn't sure whether to focus on fishing or on taking pictures of Marek who catches grayling all the time.
Time was running out, our mates were disappearing into the distance so I was forced to stop him.
But it was a first spot just by the camp.

We go on. The less interesting stretches are covered by forest, We admire the river, mushrooms, blueberries,
and lying lemmings in the river and on its banks.

We reach the place where we will spend the rest of the day.
A brief respite, beer and we start.

Fish on!

This one took a pink nymph.

Artur, the champion of dry fly flyfishing didn't give up on nymph fishermen ;)

We all fished well using dry flies and nymphs.
I have tried fishing wets for a moment but after 2 lost fish I decided to fish dry flies for the last time this year.

Slowly it started getting dark and cool so we started going down the river fishing only in the more interesting places.

On this one, mate!

Later something warm for dinner - bonfire, sausages, red wine and debates till the early hours.
Even a mild frost did not spoil such a nice atmosphere and beckon us to sleep.

The morning wasn't good for fishing as we were tired :) The rain as well as a cold northernly wind discouraged me very successfully.
The guys from the north were fishing by one inflow and I heard that they had quite a good time...