Glåma / Røros - JULY 2012

A few friends and I from a internet forum decided to meet in person and fish a bit.
The guys had more things to plan and cross more kilometres than me but they were successful :)

For me it was the first stop and the first night spent under the stars whereas for the others I guess it was a second or third night.
Robert and Sylwek are looking for the softest cranberry bushes.

The barbeque, a few beers, and some of us won’t sleep till dawn on this site :) :) :)

Also the fact that it was the first night, the conversations lasted till the morning (beer).
A last look at the valley and river covered in fog.
We need to fasten the sleeping bag tightly to avoid mosquitos coming inside and then have a kip.

We are driving and admiring the landscape, mostly rivers, streams and waterfalls.
Actually, I would prefer to go for a walk with a fishing rod and camera rather than to drive...

We go further...
The destination is Glomma close to the place called Tolga.
We rent two houses about the size of a privy. In high season tourists are attracted to the camp and the fly fishing zone.
In about ten kilometres I counted 10 people, particularly on the "ff" section. That's the reason we decide to go somewhere else :)

For starters everyone catches one nice grayling.
The peloton spreads a bit so I wasn't able to be everywhere but anyway I took pictures of some fish.

Kuba is already pulling out a nice grayling, as far as I remember it was 46cm.
He needed about one hour to stop measuring everything that was over 40cm.

We used the same dry fly which was caddis or in case of a rare change in menu - olives

The days passed. The middle of summer: cold, rainy, almost no sun ;)
Having long debates next to the bonfire with beer, and fishing from morning till night.
The most important, the graylings didn't disappoint us.

We are pulling something out here with Robert.

Actually, it is quite a nice fish in his salmon-size landing net.

Together with Kuba we take a break and go sightseeing to Roros.
*the city looks like an open air ethnographic museum*  

>>> <<<

After eating a nourishing soup we decided to hasten the sightseeing and fish next to this historic town.

All at once - sun, rain and fish on the rod!!!

I guess that's all.
It was very nice to meet you. All those days spent with you here I treat as a very successful trip and I will remember it for a long time.

See you next time!