Graylings, everywhere graylings… You can get such an impression by visiting that website and unfortunately nothing can change that..
The more often I am fishing, I am getting more and more excited and interested in them and the more I am fishing, paradoxically
I got an impression that it wasn’t good enough, I didn’t catch as many as I wanted or the fly wasn’t right etc..

While I was going back from the fishing trip, I made a decision… it’s the end, it’s enough, it’s about the time to change something - place,
surroundings, maybe the species. Indeed it was only the internal monologue that I forgot about after some days during the other grayling trip. The only thing that changed was the graylings from deep holes from calm, little river, not from the huge rapid river, 
maybe only because of the fact that it’s more difficult in the still water between grasses.
I’d like to boast about beating my long-term record, that is 49,5 cm. This year I got some 50/51s, the biggest one of 53,5 cm :)
Every fish was caught on a dry fly. Actually it’s the 3rd season I haven’t tried any other method, if not including Winter streamer.
In the season of 2017 no grayling neither any other fish got killed!

Huge foam mayfly and grayling its not a good combination - I managed to hook one fish out of 10 :)

I found whitefish preying on mayflies and they have even smaller mouth than graylings.
I was going wild but finally I hooked few of them and I got a new species on my list 

A few shots from the film.

After fishing it's time for evening barbecue, fishes in the water, pig on the grill. KEEP the DREAM ALIVE!

Those 4 pictures below (fighting the fish, rise in the background and flying mayfly in a frame) are clips from the video,
therefore the quality is not as good as the rest of the photos. But the whole action was great all the way!

By chance I found a nesting woodcock in a grass. 

...traditionally moose.

It should be a report about posing, majestic graylings, but I let myself to put also a few trout.

Small ones but my hands are big :)))))
This one was really tiny but I have never seen trout this green. Unfortunately pictures don't do it justice. 

Pleasant C&R.

He's a kind of kamikaze, but he have to eat somthing. 
He had less then 30 cm, hook was very deep in his throat with 3 lead sinkers hanging from the side of the mounth.
And if that wasn't bad enough he was half-eaten by a pike. I removed the hook and he swam away quickly and briskly.
I hope to see you again, just watch out and take care of yourself, buddy! ;)

This picture is not a joke, I made it specially in spite of the ‘natives’, most likely they would be happy to kill all the grailyngs and wolves. 

It’s interesting experience to catch graylings in a lake. It may be difficult to have a windless day in those areas,
however i managed "to dry" the wide water. 

One of my favourites pictures.

So that would be all from the world blotted out of grayling’s plume..