We singled out trout's lake situated on a plateau in National Park.
I'm not a still water fishing enthusiast but sometimes it's nice to tear away from the swoosh of water and see different places.
The journey took 3 days! The first stage by car was quite nice, lasted about 6 hours. The problems arose the next day when
we had to ride a bike almost all day, pardon to walk this bike uphill.
We reached an old satra (the place which is similar to a Polish mountain shelter) where an old lady breeds a few cows, sheep...
You can also rent a house and get some home made food here. The milk comes straight from a cow, you can get fresh eggs,
a jam and cakes are made of luxuriantly growing rhubarb around the house. Obviously, we stayed overnight.
There was a real nightmare during the third day. We spent about 6 hours walking through the mountains following
an almost invisible, stony route which from time to time cut through bogs occupied by a swarm of mosquitoes...

Mentioned previously, the farm is open only during the summer.

Paying by debit card is acceptable :)

Could it be that our host likes to fly fish? :)

We only had to cross a valley and later it would be quite flat.

On the left and right there were overgrown boggy lakes and channels. It smelled of pike.
I wasn't even thinking about fishing as I was exhausted, ragged, sweaty and bitten.
I went further praying for a delicate breeze which could cool my body blowing black flies
and mosquitoes away. Half way along we go down to the river to take a rest and cool ourselves a bit.
In the bush, in a clearing there appears an abandoned mountain hut.

I begged them to stay in this health resort. I didn’t even want pike.
I didn't need to take out a fishing rod as well but obviously I was voted down.
I know, I'm griping on a bit but I'm in bad condition!

This is our target.

Finally, we reach the spot! This lake differs completely from what we’ve passed by before. Long and sandy beaches are not usually
found in Norway. A kind of Hawaii of the North :) We all take off our backpacks as well as clothes and run into the water.
We are shocked as the water is only 7 degrees!!! Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to swim but at least the beer could be cooled :)

We really went through the mill during those 3 days as none of us was raring to fish.
Finally, the mosquitoes won and interrupted our nap. For the rest of the night the sun hung above the horizon imitating the night.
I unwillingly assembled #5 and walked along the lake shore. The nearest jumps I guess it will appear about 100m from the bank.
I reached the very low bays with sandy bottoms and sweet flag. I was the only one who entered here and scared away two pike
warming in low water. I didn't know what to expect at this fishery. I expected there to be trout whereas I took only #5, dry flies,
a few wet ones, 2 leeches and 2 zonkers. I used the thickest fishing line I had - X0 and tied some kind of Woolly Bugger.
First cast into calamus, 2 seconds of stripping the line and I pulled up 3 grasses and roots.
Suddenly there was a huge splash.
The water boils for few seconds and I just stand there keeping my rod stretched waiting for some action.
Honestly, my chances are poor and in a while the fly will be cut of.
Fortunately, the pike is a short-distance away and after a few seconds I gently pull up the fish on the river bank.
Done, here it is. I was so overwhelmed I had to sit down holding a giant on my knees. That's impossible, unbelievable - about 108cm.
I say about as I didn't have a tape measure. I only had a knife which I used to measure fish size.
The same situation takes place 6 more times involving fish of a similar size.
One of them was really big, one maybe a knife length longer, at about 124cm.
A few fish this size were caught. I was fishing for maybe 20 minutes and I'm done with a max 10m stretch by the lake shore.
I lost 3 fish because they all cut the line.
In the meantime, on the other side, at the mouth of a stream, my friend caught 11kg crocodile.
It's a hard life for a trout in such waters!

That would be all, 20mins of fishing, 3 days of walking, 2 days returning.
I felt a bit dissatisfied owing to the lack of a trout but even more because of the lack of energy to fish for it.
Fortunately, a few of those record sized pike and the beautiful views saved our tour. If anybody asks me till
December 2013 whether I will go there again I would say no way!!! But a year later we planned another trip
to the trout's lake which is situated about an hour away :)