It's the sequel to a story "Toothed Swamps" from 2013. Last year we were unable to realize our plans because of low water level.
This year we went for broke and regardless of conditions decided to "flow", at a pinch we would have to drag our canoe one day longer.
The area is remarkable, almost unspoilt, its only residents are wild animals - one big peat bogs with tens of canals and streams.
This year’s plan assumed to devote more time to slow canoeing and admiring the nature - from time to time fishing.
I was hoping for a meeting with wolves (local moose are decimating by them) but unfortunately I never saw even one.

First night befor start we spent in a friend's cabin. In the evening a great downpour have hit, untill dawn all streams were full of water!
About + 50 cm. The best scenario we could wish! It gave us about 6 extra hours.
The fish stocks: 90% medium size pike, most often about 50-70 cm long, 10% perch and brown trout in headwaters.

Entire trip lasted 4 days. 

Here we go!
It's time to get away from it all! :)

First day passed mostly on scrambling through the thickets and shallow waters. We had to find a right influent which would take us
to the main river, to its bays and lakes connected with it.

The end of bucolic tale... In spite of high water level we couldn's cross those rapids on board.
It took us 4 hours. A long walk accompanied by swarms of mosquitoes, in a muggy but such a picturesque scenery.

We ask the beavers for more dams!!!

Because of torrential rain we reached the first good spot very fast. It was about time to stretch one's legs,
get some breakfast and fly fish of course. 

After empty water from the cenoe and quick breakfast I didn't even make a few steps to a small islet,
Kuba allready hooked the first fish of the trip. Just under the "table".

Go back home -  we have enough supplies!

I had also some luck. Maybe it wasn't a big pike but he took from a long distance in a strong current so the fight was fun!

We had a few more nice fish from this spot. These photos are a little bit out of focus (because of a distance)
but You can see this fantastic dance on a tail.

In spite of great fun and very optimistic beginning we had to stick to the plan and move on.
In the aerial pictures we found a dry place for the camp with great view over "the wolf's valley".

The poop of the Western capercaillie.

And again...

Kuba is making sure whether I am ready, and all the electronic equipment is secure ;)

Popper in action!

The last oxbow befor camp "A".

At the end of the day there are 2 basic principles:
1. remove the waders
2. kill all the mosquitoes*
*impossible ;)

On a peat-bog nearby we found old timbers - remainder after already forgotten logging.

Our neighbor: Common sandpiper's chick.

A surprised moose visited us.

Time to well-earned rest.

One ought to move on! The closer to the bigger lakes, the bigger fish there are.

Next overnight stop in a well-known place. On a lumberjack's old dam. They used to create a backwater to send timber downstream
to a village about 60 km away.

As You can see we are not the only ones who go for pike :)

We also caught a few pretty perches.

Most of the time we fished from our canoe, it was quite uncomfortable - like double belly boat ;)


Several minutes of paddling to get to the lake.

That's all this time, maybe someday we will reach even further.