It is not a small tradition any longer, but it IS and will last forever!
On the last days/hours of the fishing season, right before first snow and frost, we all meet together and start our journey
to catch some graylings!
Everything was perfect - graylings, snow, frost and good company. I don’t have to introduce Marek since we create those
late-autumn trips together, but this time we were honoured by his presence friendly Jurek Jurkan.
It is common for Scandinavian late autumn to have very very long nights and little fishing. So I really thank you for interesting stories
from salmon-trips and journeys around the world.

Since it is only photo report, let the pictures speak for themselves and let you get moved to all those places.  

We arrived exceptionally early, but not that early to unpack our stuff calmly, that was 2 pm, so soon would be dark.
We were greeting each other taking on waders, starting tones of new topics simultaneously, which we couldn’t finish…
...and then right to the water to catch last parts of sunset

The temperature was on the edge of 0°C, a little crumb and here it is… It doesn’t matter if the fish is small or just one - certainly any score will
make beer taste better.

During the last hour of the day and not that feeding fish, we managed to land a dozen or so.
The biggest one was Jureks fish, as good as I remember that was 45/46 cm

Well, first fishing hunger was stopped for a while, now we have to take care of ourselves and warm up the sausage ;)

Delicious breakfast during a cool morning tastes amazing. 

And as fast as possible to the glide.
Jurek in action.

Marek haven’t idled neither, so I didn't come out of the water each time he hooked something, because I couldn’t catch anything myself.
Through all of those years he has plenty of pictures with graylings, it is enough to take a look on our other common trips. 

One can sweat by knoting this "nothing"… however this "nothing" works.

Coffee and Insta?

Why not… I’m coming, but only for a second cause the day is over soon! :0 

It's about time to finish, go and make a fire, eat something and begin to recall those days.
Every fish came back to water, calf as well ;)

Never inside if there is a possibility to be outside!