Over those past years I collected many strange pictures from my fishing places.
Nevertheless, between ordinary shots there are some interesting photos.
Finally, I decided to get them together and share...
I named that area Little Canada long time ago, it was my first connotation when I get there for the first time.
It was an instantaneous attraction. But there is good reason, I come from lowland so every random hill impressed
me back in those days ;)
From early spring to late autumn I spend there almost every weekend and free time + couple of winter days.
My favorite section of the river is 20 km of fast water with many deep holes and channels.
Very difficult place to fish but such a charming at the same time.
Small fish is a major advantage of this place - YES - small fish ;) A lot of tiny trout. Because of it tourists and local fishermen
avoid "my" spots.
Peace and quiet - that's more important than big fish from popular rivers and places.
Of course there is always chance to catch huge trout as well but usually all over 40 cm migrates to few big and very deep flow-through lakes.
I can only imagine those monsters :) They are out of reach, even for locals with theirs nets.
Only time when there is (small) chance to catch those huge browns is short period just after winter when lakes are still covered with ice
and rivers are allready open.
Enough about trout... There are also pike, graylings and (what is most important) gorgeous surroundings.
Season is very short. First thaw comes usually at the end of May. Every year I spend few days by the river before it happens anyway.
There is no other option than cross-country skis or snowshoes if I want to get anywhere.
During those trips it's damn hard to think about spring, the snow cover is so enormous that it seems the winter will never let go.

In fact winter fishing has no point but how long I can wait for spring!
Sometimes I simply must to relax from the hustle bustle of the city, from work,
it's all about to be THERE, make a bonfire and listen to the sound of the river.
For 10 years (winter weekends at the end of April) I caught 2 trout and 1 grayling ;)
In spite of that for those views and quietness I can be there even without fly rods...

Nothing like a camp on the snow ;)

Spring stoneflies burrows through the frozen snow.

Spring (May/June) last literally a couple of days, it's time of real dance od nature. Everything is exploding in a hurry, racing to the Sun.
In two months days will be much shorter and in August ground frost will begin.

But before everything will turn green and the snow will melt for good I begin hunting with my camera.
At that time moose are leaving forest and searching for the first fresh grass on sunny meadows and peat bogs

This is the base; the old cottage on a piece of flat ground between the river and mountains.
Nothing impressive but believe me - it was much worse than now.
If possible, every year I fix something but it's hard to deliver anything there.
First it's necessary to pass the lake and than there is a path steep as hell.
Things are as they are but the place keeps the ambience!

The log cabin is surrounded by an old forest criss crossed by many creeks.

The rest of the season is fishing and fishing and discovering new spots.
During the White Nights it's hard to quit the river, to stop fishing. 

Nordic raspberry / cloudberry, when it mellows it turn yellow, that's why there is another name for it - the gold of Scandinavian mountains.
Nothing special for me, it taste like fermented strawberry.

I met wild reindeer only ones. Below for comparison those farm ones. 

Mentioned "half wildlings" ;)


Bibio marci.

Great grey owl - posed perfectly.

Western capercaillie (male).

European golden plover. Back almost like JC ;)

Alderfly (Sialis lutaria).

So, that's my 'trapper fly fishing'.