PIKE STRIKE - july 2016

Another summer and another season equals another adventure.
This time we decided to try fishing upstream in the swampy channel starting from its mouth.
We had to launch our canoe into a quite big mountain lake and paddle to find the starting point.
The lake itself is typical trout fishery; cold water, rock bottom, rock-solid banks.
From time to time we saw rising fish but less challenging fish were waiting :)
We will hunt for trout and graylings soon, after pike trip

Arctic terns. 

Without any problems we found the mouth, straight away we ascertained that there is no chance to paddle any further.
Deep slide turns into fast and rocky rapids. Ther will be more places like this one so there is no time to contemplate,
we had to leave the canoe and start walking

Nothing easier - walk upstream and fishing. But nothing could be further from the truth; lots of hidden beaver channels and hols,
shit-load of gadflies and mosquitos, unbearable heat. All this could be intolerable ;)
Luckily we had some action once in a while; some strikes, some following fish and obviously several landed pike.
We began humble - quite a few fish around 50-60 cm. The further we went the pike were bigger

So, this is what it looked like more or less; two days on the swmap,
lots of fish that harmless were release and waiting for next time.
For several big mamas we will come back for sure, they were to sneaky and didn't want to be shot :)

There will be a short clip soon, just waiting for the inspiration...