SALTWATER - 2013/2014

A few pictures from saltwater climates.
The season lasts the whole year!
For the most part I fish from September till May. In spring and summer I devote the time to freshwater fly fishing :)
Using the fly fishing method you can actually fish for all kinds of fish that swim here. Obviously, we are all hoping
for a sea trout but catching a codfish, coalfish (saithe), garfish, flounder, mackerel, salmon, and even eel is not a surprise for anybody.

I'm dreaming of fishing for see bass but unfortunately they appear here in the summer when I am in the mountains.
Maybe we'll be given a chance to meet each other one day.

Autumn 2013 and spring 2014 is my poorest season. In terms of quantity I'm satisfied but the fish size wasn't impressive.
That's life with so called ‘small Scandinavian coast sea trout’ ;) I always seem to miss the big one by a few meters of line.
I can only admire the runs for herrings and sprat.

Perhaps these pictures will encourage some of you to try saltwater fly fishing. )

The fish being spat out when landing a trout. There are also crabs, shrimps and bristle worm (polychaetes).

The bristle worms are treated as a spring delicacy by all fish. I've seen monsters up to 0,5m long.

It's worth rinsing out flies with salty water after fishing ;)

The greylag goose.

Now it's time for buzzers :)
It's really a feat to take a focused picture of mackerel. Compared to a mackerel the grayling is a real slowcoach :)
They put up a great fight when being hooked which brings a lot of satisfaction.

The mating of the common eider.

“Snowflake” from SIMMS ;)

My first tarpon :-)))))