Even after a poor winter the long-awaited SPRING arrived early!!!

The water temperature rose by 3-4 degree. It was possible to notice the first "dancing" ring worms.
The air swarmed with noisy birds which were starting to pair.
Finally, it started to smell of fish on the coastline.
From trip to trip, the fish became hungrier, active and fast :) The slow take up of bait and light gnawing had ended.
Taking fish became more resolute and even aggressive...that's what we all love the most.
Our fly works, tempts and imitates something as well.  

I went fishing on the weekend of the spring solstice and it turned out to be a great success!
The fish bites in all possible conditions: in the sun, in the night, during the outflow and inflow,
in the wind to and from the bank, with the use of shrimps and ring worms and baitfish... Real El Dorado :)
It's my 39th trip but it will be remembered as one of the most successful within my short saltwater adventure.
The fish weren't that special but it's the first time I have been given so many chances to catch something in two days,
not to mention the lost opportunities.

A few between 35-45 cm
6 pieces +/- 45cm
2 pieces +/- 55cm
2 pieces over 60cm