It's always nice to go and search for some sea trout.
More often they are not baiting, but anything by the water is better than to be stuck in traffic after work, however there are some situations
when it's necessary to let go - storm, downpour or heavy frost.
Besides those adverse weather conditions it's always a good time to try to find some "silver happiness",
and who seeks shall find ;) and the most important thing - patience.


Here is my companion and most difficult conditions I have ever fished in. Very low and cold water, without any life, any movement.
And that sneaky seal... Michał was shure that was a big beautiful sea trout chasing his fly.
"Look! Here she comes, what a lunker.....F**K! A seal."

A few shots from the clip from GoPro.
(Sometimes You can see that the quality of some pictures is not so good --> pics from GoPro)

The best possible action that I could wish for! Hard strike on a long line, right after the fly touched the water.
One of the best fights I have ever experienced.
And the whole action is documented! (shots from GoPro). Unfortunately during the landing battery died :)