SMALL SEA-TROUT - fjords 2016

2016 on fjords. As allways a lot of fishing from early autumn to late spring.
Regarding the sea-trout fly fishing it was a strange year.
Lots of small fry (it's bode well for the future) and even more 40-55 cm fish,
most often I caught those sea-trout about 1 kg.
It doesn't mean that there are only small ones, just the opposite :)
I hooked several really nice fish but I had no luck to net them.
I also saw number of big sea-trout swimming around but they weren't interested in my flies.
But most important is that they are here...
I invite You to watch pictures from saltwater climates, as usual lots of landscapes + some of the fish I've caught.

Sometimes I am able to fish with someone, but still most of the time I fish alone.

During those cold months it's normal to meet kelts from time to time. 

I introduce to You the testers of my flies. Buddy "penguin" and girlfriend seagull :) 

Rain, snow or freezing cold never will defeat fly fishing...

Rock gunnel (Pholis gunnellus).

Good camouflage - it's the most important thing under the surface and above water as well.