Not everywhere but in few places it's possible to fish from the 1st of May.
Naturally it's also conditional upon the weather.
Last week we decided to prolong our weekend and do some sightseeing in the region,
visit new and favourite places and of course take every opportunity to fish as well ;)

The conditions are not as favourable as in many places. The river is still covered with a decent-sized layer of ice and snow.
I've just come across rainy days and the temperatures are above zero but luckily because fish start occupying their positions
in the river during such days after a long winter you are lucky if you come across rising trout.

Traditionally, I'll bore you by presenting a few landscapes with short descriptions ;)

The base is on the spot, streams around are getting higher, snow is melting in our eyes and day by day it disappears.

The first trip by water and we've already had problems :)
The change to summer tyres wasn't a good idea.

I am losing a nice trout in one place, then I go back there twice after a break for a beer, the fish aggressively attacks the streamer setting
in the stone and sticking out. Later it turned out that my hook was bent.

I managed to land 3 nice wild brownies between +/- 34-37-39 cm.

I was shocked, fish being in such a good condition, brave and beautifully coloured which is a rarity for this season.
Actually there is no need to be surprised because at the time of taking photos the fish spat out a few bullheads
and its stomach was still naturally stout!!!

A few pictures of the terrain:

I preferred not to sit in the car while crossing this "bridge".

A small grayling caught using the nymph method.

The small spring in the river ;)

The spring is just around the corner!!!