Hmmm, Thailand there’s much to write about. While planning this holiday I treated it as compensation for my other half

for all those weekends spent fly-fishing in less tropical and populated places :) It was supposed to be a well-deserved break...and it was.
The beach, restaurant, cold beer and so on for almost 3 weeks, of course with some exceptions but without much enthusiasm.
Besides the fact that it was December the temperature reached +35-45 degrees and I felt that it lasted twenty-four hours a day.
How is it possible to do anything in such conditions…?! Successfully, I smuggled a rod between my bathing trunks as who knows
when an occasion to fly fish in tropical scenery and later to promote myself on the Web :))))

I present a few normal photos which luckily were kept on my memory card between thousands of other pictures
from night journeys and basking on the sand ;)
We rented a TAXIboat old tub and sailed for one of the thousands of deserted islands. REALLY DESERTED!
Just us, crabs, and wasted coconuts lying around brought in by the waves.
Hermit crab.

Such angelfish I would take out from an aquarium, take a picture against a background of wall fern and it would be the tropics as well ;)
It was possible to fish for them in the same way as for many others...
Moorish idol fish.

There’s no need for this "guy" and his family to be introduced ;)
Reportedly, I was lucky to come across his the fairytale can ruin a "person's" life.


Eye to eye with a Giant puffer which reached 120cm.

They appear in a variety of colours, the bivalve measured 0,5m and it's not much smaller neighbour – the sea cucumber.
Jewel Urchin.
Mushroom coral.
Goldband fusilier.
My favourites!
The grazing Broadclub cuttlefish.
Mr. lobster.
Giant Moray.
This friend and her cousin Moray Zebra made me really scared by jumping out of the burrow.
Some of the already mentioned fish but in a less active version.
I could eat sea food all the time! Many species are in danger mostly from a tourist like me.
Luckily, most of the served sea food comes from the farm.
These look less appetizing "genetics".
Finally, it wasn't a strict FF trip but it's nice to feel like a "German tourist" from time to time.