The continuation of memories from holidays in 2013.
After a trapper's journey through bogs Kuba wanted to see my places by the river
and make sure himself that it's not a Photoshop ;) I wanted us to fish in all my favourite
and nice places but unfortunately it was impossible to manage it within 10 days.
During this time we experienced all seasons starting with hot days and finishing with 0 degrees.
In the middle of summer, it may be a surprise for some who are unprepared...;)

I won't write much only I invite you to look at the pictures. I also add that there aren't many photos
of fish because of the distance that was between us. For instance, the picture below with Kuba who is landing
the fish shouting something and waving his hands about. I prefer to finish my beer, it's holiday time!

That's how most of the evenings were spent.

Oh! These endless runs (glides).

For a change we jumped into the inflow. It was a very rapid river, 1km long and 2-5m deep just by the river bank!
The river bank was made up of big stones sometimes higher than 3m and then behind such a stone there was an abyss.
We didn't spend a long time there as those were pretty harsh conditions although we could have fun with the streamer.

For comparison, Kuba is behind a stone on the right.

You can see how warm it is - a buff, micro fleece and jacket :)

We're going back to the main river as there are still a few places that I'd like to show my mate. But before that we will eat meatballs :)

We even went for a walk...without the fishing rods!!!

Drinking a beer on a runway ;)
I swear it was open!

Bottom left an owl chick.

We wished for soft beds but we spent 3 nights in this home.

There was also a meeting with Marek and a visit to the grayling's run.
After 3 doublets done one by one, Kuba leaned his head out of a hood and with a small grimace he said "let's go back to you".

The graylings were able to escape from the pike's guillotine.

It's time to go back to "my" river, to channels, the wilderness.
We are seen off by a herd of reindeer.

We launched a canoe but this time it is just a 200m swim upstream in order to get to the other side of the river.
It’s the only way and a place where you can quite safely get across the river.

This will be our new home.

We go 6 km upstream. We'll be going down and fishing which will take about 8-10 hours.

A break for a sausage at the bonfire and a cold beer. When it comes to a longer breaks I always go a bit higher to take a rest
from the noise of the river. Maybe it sounds weird but after a few hours of standing in these waterfalls it's not a buzzing noise
but banging in my head...anyway the next day I already miss this sound of the water.

Kuba, there is no signal here unless the mosquito spotted it :)

Finally, the day broke so we could take off the jacket and micro fleece, real SUMMER!!!