It can already be called a small tradition. Together with Marek we finish the season with grayling by the Glomma river.
The camp closed at the beginning of October, everything is waiting for the winter. In order to book a house you have to call
a few days before arrival. Later it's only a matter of finding the key to the place, going around the whole area and looking for
a cubby-hole where the key is hanging on the doors ;)

Of course we are alone in the camp and what's even better alone by the river.
I haven’t seen any fishermen within a distance of 300km :)
When I was buying the fishing licence the shop assistant in the petrol station chortled with laughter and shook his head :(

I'm reaching the inflow which is when I always meet with Marek, of course I see just a car as he is occupying the best spot.
He always comes first and has a few nice fish before I come.
I was really surprised when he told me that he hadn’t caught any this time.

We've had enough fishing for today as the wind is strong, it's just a few degrees above zero and what's more it has started to rain.
The weather forecast is not optimistic for the next day, a bit disappointed we're waiting for the next day. It had rained before it got light :/

It stopped raining during breakfast :)

The clouds were disappearing hour by hour and it started to clear up :)
We're waiting, it's a chance for dry fly fishing, it would be during the last day of fishing!

An “uncle” brought the stickers.

The first glimmers of sun... we're going to the calmer part of the river!

We're drinking coffee on the river bank and looking for the first rising fish. The water is slowly getting livelier.
The more sun the faster the water boils :) We're thinking maybe we should use a small olive or caddis flies.
The graylings just touch them with their noses. Marek is taking out some really small flies which he got
at the beginning of 90s (for San river graylings).
We start fishing....

There are many fish! Most of them 44cm, nothing more than 46. The 2 smallest fish that I've caught are 38cm long.
I'm really "overfished", it must be enough for me till May :)

Coffee lover didn't let us fish :)

And again going back to the water...

The take - the strike... on!!!

Together with the sunset taking stops but those 5hours of fishing charged up our batteries.
We'll recharge going back to our duties.

See you next year...