Probably, the last trip this year, there is no use deluding oneself - WINTER IS COMING!
I was aware of the fact I may not fish for anything today, the water was only 2 degrees,
outside it was not much more. Everything around looked artificial, dead. The forest and river
banks previously being full of life now looked like they had experienced some epidemic.
Moreover, fog was rising above the mountains all weekend creating the atmosphere of a thriller.
Even the river sounded different *sadly* like it was aware of the last splashes this year due
to the coming hard frost.

I was fishing nymphs and streamers in very deep, slow places and I caught four in dark
winter colours and a few graylings. They weren't big, 35cm but I'm very proud of them
as they are the first fish I’ve ever caught in November :)

As they say the batteries are charged, if only it were spring!!!