The next trapper's trip.

To be honest a bit like going into the unknown. The only thing I knew was that there was a small river there with trout and pike
and that it would take about three days. The whole land is boggy, marshy, with many ponds, channels, inflows and wells.
By saying wells I mean deep holes with diameters from 0,5m which are situated in boggy, peat-marshy ground filled with water.
They look bottomless. They can join together creating a labyrinth of channels filled with water. They can be compared to a blowhole.
Anyway, they look dangerous and it's not nice to stop suddenly and see such a dark hole.
I guess it has a professional name, maybe I will come across it one day but for now it’s better not to come across this hole :)

We take picture upon picture.
It will be somewhere in this valley.

Hungover from clearing the forest probably in a previous age.
Till the 70s the local forests were cleared for copper mines in Røros.

When we come closer to previously mentioned meadows and bogs this bird (called the Eurasian curlew) informed the whole neighborhood
that something strange was entering his territory :) I'll come to this bird in the next part.

Here it's a very old shelter belonging to a trapper, hunter or maybe a fortress situated on the hill,
the perfect vantage point for nearby meadows.

To i my posiedzimy w dawnym obozie żeby trochę odsapnąć, zorientować się mniej więcej
gdzie jesteśmy i napoić hordy komarów. Jakieś strasznie zdesperowane waliły w nas jak kamikadze :)

I took pictures of one crossing, I even shot a movie but unfortunately nobody plunged in the river.
As seen a dried stalk there was about 2m deep. The next day I fished for two pike in a similar channel :)

Yes, this is the river already mentioned, not as big but just as nice. We decided to go a bit higher to seek a swifter current and a hill for a camp.

Yes, that's the best place, brownies in and between the swift current and pike in bigger, deeper slower pools and river channels.
I took the universal #5 and the heaviest rod - #7. It wasn't enough for pike and big flies but fortunately the water wasn't as wide
so I could easily deal with it :) The most important finally it was possible to take off the wellingtons, stand on dry land, open the beer
and light an extremely smoky bonfire. I preferred being engulfed in the bonfire smoke to being eaten by mosquitoes.

Here between staircase locks (about 100m) trout were rising.
A few of them were tempted by dry fly :)
Our "fumer" is on the other side of a river bank.

The fish.
The small trout measured about 30cm, two of them around 35cm attracted classically by dry fly.
The ephemerid which measured #10/12 was flowing down.
I had to take a break after each fish and wait about 15mins to reassess the situation.
I gained experience with pike only thanks to watching YouTube :)
I had only 6 flies which probably I accidentally ordered in Spent shop about 5 years ago.
I had been fishing for 2 hours after. Really, there were many pike. They were waiting till some trout decided to check
what was going on lower behind the waterfall :) I liked it :) but after the first 30mins and just 2 flies left.
Of course I totally forgot about something like steel or tungsten leader and all the flies were cut of.
Just one of them was recovered successfully. I hooked one fish by its nose. It had my streamer in its mouth which had been cut before :/
As I mentioned before, most of the fish were hooked on the nose, chin, gills or around the head... I will be more careful next season.
They are in the range of 50/70cm which is standard, 2-3 are within 80cm and one fish measures 85cm.

It's some burrow here. The grass is trampled so probably someone uses this place.
It was a great place for casting :)

It's time to take a rest under the stars with a cold beer and a good single malt.
As always the subject of wolves and bears comes up and some other stories which made my sleep very light.

I promised to go back to this bird called the Eurasian curlew. Actually, there were 2 pairs on both sides of the river bank
but after our arrival they went quiet. In the morning *after sleeping very lightly* the squeals I heard almost gave me a heart attack
as I leapt to my feet, hahaha. Thank God, it wasn't a pack of wolves only a herd of reindeer which were grazing at the forest edge ;)
By the way, a very good system of alerting somebody to a danger!

Next season I'll be better prepared :) I'm tying the flies, the stronger rod I already have.
I’ll remembered the way so next time I won't lose half of a day walking by the bogs.
Then I'll be able to focus more on fishing. .

The river flows lazily and sometimes speeds up going into this lake.