Half of the October, it's a miracle that we were able to go fishing for one more weekend before winter.
A sunny, but frosty morning is waking us up, we must hurry up because dusk at this time of year comes very quickly
and fish are almost ready for winter sleep ;)
It's hard to catch anything but some of the fish still want to eat something before the ice gonna hibernate the river.
It's a damn curse - when we want to fish there is small chance to go somewhere nearby, it's necessary to drive, to march,
to flow, to camp miles away...
...even for the last fish of the season.
But THIS is the beauty of it! When the fishing is only a supplement, and the main reason at the same time :)

The mist still covers up the riverbed.

On the way back water get started to coagulate, next morning whole lake is frozen.
It was really the last chance :)